Sick and tired of losing and gaining the same 10kgs?

A new relationship with food awaits.


Why weight loss has been so difficult

If weight loss was as easy as just choose better foods, eat less, move more…. we wouldn’t have an obesity problem. The truth is there are a number of factors that influence your appetite, cravings, choice of food, amount you eat and what your weight is. These drivers are hormonal, chemical and unconscious behavioural patterns. When unaware of these drivers you have had little to no chance of losing weight and keeping it off. Learning what’s happening and being able to mentally move through those moments is a part of the key. A new relationship with food needs to be formed and reinforced.


What can we do?

Firstly we get an understanding of what is actually driving your behaviour, so that we can individualise your approach. We have to reset your unconscious relationship with food so that it reverts back to what it should be about, fuelling your body, not about eating your emotions, procrastinating, or filling in space. We have to address your strategy in line with understanding the hormonal drivers and chemical addiction drivers and which types of food have a massive impact, positively and negatively on these systems. 

This is a yacht race rather than a sprint, you have to eat and your strategy needs to change overtime, you will need to tack. I will teach you all about your mind, how it works, how we are motivated to do something, and how to reprogram ourselves for automatic behaviours. This way you can be in the drivers seat of your mind and your behaviour. You will have the tools to reprogram yourself as your strategy needs to change.

You will understand how to work out what happened that pulled you off track and how to get yourself back on again!

Weight loss is not just about what you eat.

You have probably tried almost everything to lose weight. You know what you SHOULD do and what you SHOULD eat. You know it, you WANT to change, but you keep failing.

Your mind plays a massive part in this. In order to loose weight some people need to detangle some emotional stuff, some self image stuff and identity stuff, change some powerful underlying beliefs about yourself, or food, or what is ok. Some people need to learn new skills around handling emotion, stress or conflict, in order for their mind to be able to let go of it’s emotional crutch.

Reprogram autopilot behaviours.

Your brain has some pretty deep programming about what, when and how you eat. It keeps returning to it. 

You will learn how to program the best version of you, with the best strategy. This way it becomes just easy and natural to do the little consistent things you need to do in order reach your goal.

You can program yourself to be organised and prepared. You can program yourself to make healthy choices. Reprogram yourself for how you think and feel when around others and food in social situations. Reprogram what you do at night in front of the TV.

Did you know your body has a weight set point?

Your body has a weight set point. It was supposed to be this healthy weight, with a little fat to help you survive the lean times. But with the significant changes to our diet with highly processed foods, our bodies got confused about what this weight should be and yours is probably the weight you are right now.

Your hormones drive you to get back to that point. It’s the reason why when you lose some weight, you very quickly find it again. Their is a strong hormonal drive in your body to get there. You need an understanding of this and some strong mental processes to move through this drive, the cravings and the hunger, your body and mind is creating to get back to the weight it thinks you need to be to survive. 

Hope is Here

To change behaviours, you have to go to the source, your unconscious mind. If you could have changed this some other way, if it was just about eating less and moving more, you wouldn’t be reading this. Hypnotherapy has successfully helped people with their relationship with food and relationship to it. The techniques used by Hypnotherapist go straight to working with the unconscious and changing the way these patterns of behaviour happen, so that it just becomes natural to make different choices and behave in a different way.

Hypnotherapy may be different than what you think it is. Modern Hypnosis uses a wide range of techniques. You won’t have a pocket watch swung in front of you and you won’t hear “you are getting sleepy”. Sometimes it is just through conversation, sometimes you imagine things with your eyes open, sometimes you move around and sometimes you imagine things with your eyes closed. Hypnosis is just utilising normal states and processes that happen every day, but in a way that creates the change that you want. Nothing goes all black. You are aware, in fact it is a real state of clarity. You can hear everything the Hypnotherapist says and all your own thoughts about it. You will learn how to do it for yourself. This way you can change your strategy if you need to, fix things when you go off track so that it does become a massive blow out and make new behaviours feel like they are second nature.

You experience trance every day. When you fade out and day dream, when you remember something from the past, when you emotionally connect to a movie, when you get caught in a good book and when you drive home from work and you’re so busy talking to yourself about something you don’t remember the trip. If you can follow instructions, you can be hypnotised. As with most skills you get better with practice.

On average people see Helen 4-5 times for weight loss. The first couple of sessions a couple of weeks apart and the extending the time between the following sessions.

Isn’t it time to get your mind working with you, rather than against you?