We looked for trusted certificate authorities whose validation process was thorough, yet reasonably fast. IdenTrust is one of the best SSL certificate providers of 2022. You can get both standard OV certificates and TLS/SSL certificates for individuals or organizations that need to secure data transmission to the US federal government. IdenTrust is definitely the top certificate issuer in its niche, and you can expect a smooth time no matter which certificate you pick. The digital certificate authority also sells its own certificates for those who require a higher level of validation.

The best approach is to educate yourself on the types of certificates they all provide and to make sure you are comparing apples to apples when making your selection. The truth is, any of these five organizations will be a good choice. The SSL Store is a broker that partners with a host of leading certificate authorities, including Comodo and DigiCert. Customers can shop for the best packages and prices to fit their needs and budget. Their significant global presence makes them an excellent choice for organizations that serve users across many geographical regions. They are known for their price guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

You can place this in key places, like the checkout page, to reassure users their private data is in safe hands. The certificate authorities here look to prove your organization really exists. They’ll check if it is registered with the proper regulatory bodies and whether it really owns the domain name in question. This is why all relevant CAs’ public keys are hard-coded into web browsers like Google Chrome. This ensures nobody can intercept the communication between you and a certificate authority.

How much do SSL certificate providers cost?

SSL certification requires buyers to pay yearly subscriptions that ranges from $50-$800, depending on the type of service needed by the domain host. Most vendors offer a free trial period and discounts for multi-year subscriptions.

If you have 25 employees or fewer, you can be both the technical and authorization contact for your company. You can renew your certificate before it expires and add the remaining time to your renewed certificate. It’s not much, but the newsletter actually provides good value, and RapidSSL doesn’t use it to push upsells. Still, Rapid SSL is hardly the best SSL certificate issuer in terms of tech support. Unlike its parent companies, RapidSSL focuses on the average consumer. The pricing is what you’d expect, but it’s worth it if you want a well-known CA to back you up.


In fact, for these kinds of projects, a free Let’s Encrypt certificate could be everything you need. Browsers establish a secure connection only if they trust that the CA has done these checks. The absence of a CA means that visitors will see warnings when they try to connect to your website. If there’s a server out there, count on him to find out what it’s made of… and tell you all about it. Getting a free certificate is fine if you’re starting a simple website and don’t want to invest loads of money right away. Once you can afford it, though, a paid certificate can be a great benefit.

What is the best SSL certificate provider?

  • Comodo: Best Overall SSL Certificate Service.
  • SSL.com: Best for Fast Turnaround Times.
  • DigiCert: Best Customer Support.
  • Sectigo: Best for E-Commerce Business.
  • AlphaSSL: Best for Single-Site Value.
  • Entrust: Best for Multiple Websites.
  • GlobalSign: Best for Growing Companies.

Plus, a warranty of up to $1,500,000 and a 30-day return policy are other advantages. Is a premier certificate provider with a global presence, issuing certificates for more than ten years. Digital certificates are their sole business, and their staff is composed of industry Software Development Contracts experts. While all certificate providers provide a security seal, DigiCert is known for their certificates’ Norton Seal security recognition. This trusted seal is especially valued by Fortune 500 companies and promotes peace of mind for those that recognize it.

Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate Authority that can issue a domain validation SSL certificate completely free of charge. For many bloggers and small business owners, a free Let’s Encrypt certificate is enough to guarantee the secure interaction between users and websites. Moving further up, however, things get a bit more complicated. If you’re going to do any sort of business through your website, you might want to consider going for one of the paid options.

EnterpriseSSL Pro with EV Multi-Domain

Because businesses and organizations already have some level of authentication with a governing body, they can be easily verified by the certificate authority as legitimate. Generally, the organization listed on the request will be contacted and asked to provide some proof that it is valid. This is the bare minimum level of SSL certificate that should be considered for a commercial website. SSL verification is essential for running a secure website, as many web browsers now warn or block users from sites without SSL authentication. SSL certificates ensure that your site is safe and provide important encryption services.

ssl certificates providers

GoGetSSL is both a reseller of certificates as well as a certificate authority with its own SSL. It boasts some of the most affordable deals out there with industry-leading support and reliability. Keep in mind government trusted certificates aren’t typically publicly trusted.

What is the purpose of an SSL certificate?

If you want to cover all subdomains, you need a wildcard certificate. Still, the benefits of wildcard over single domain certificates could be debated. Check out the providers’ offer—Not all SSL authorities offer the same service. Some specialize in a certain level of validation, while others add unique certificates and features. NameCheap is one of the leading domain hosting and web hosting providers. It doesn’t offer its own SSL certificates, but it’s one of the top resellers for Sectigo.

ssl certificates providers

GoDaddy is known amongst some of the best web hosting providers on the market, but it’s also a big provider of SSL services. Having the level of support and organization that GlobalSign delivers doesn’t come cheap, and even for a single site with only DV level certification, prices start at $249. For those wanting the full EV certification, expect to pay $599 per year for a single site. With so much invested in secure systems, SSL certificates are considered one of its strongest offerings. Customers especially like the ability to manage numerous certificates across multiple domains from a management console.

Today, most users are informed about the use of SSL certificates when they surf the Internet and won’t do business with an online store that isn’t secured by a digital certificate. If you need SANs, you’ll have to talk to your account executive for pricing. It’s worth noting that support is limited, which is unusual. Support is available nearly 24 hours per day, with the exception of Saturdays and Sundays. Sectigo offers affordable SSL certificates for any type of business, and its pricing is transparent on its site. For $78 per year on a six-year plan, you can get a basic DV SSL, or pay $99 for one year.

What to look for in an SSL Provider

Someone will manually verify the existence of your business and phone you to confirm the issuing of the certificate. The work that goes into it makes OV pricier than DV certificates. It’s practically impossible to use the public key to find its private counterpart. Even though they are mathematically related, the numbers are huge. Even modern supercomputers would take a few billion years to crack a single private key. One key, called the private key, is only available to the server.

Organization validation and extended validation SSL certificates verify your online business exists in the real world. Potential customers can check the certificate and see your organization is registered, which inspires a lot of confidence. The certificates are compatible with all the major browsers. They feature the standard 2048-bit SHA-256 encryption protocol. One more advantage of GoGetSSL is that you can get a free DV certificate indefinitely.

What are the 3 types of SSL certificates?

  • Extended Validation (EV)
  • Organization Validation (OV)
  • Domain Validation (DV)

Thawte will check it exists and is registered with all the proper authorities. For most certificates, the validation procedure takes no more than a day. You just have to prove that you own your domain, meaning you can get your certificate instantly.

7 Support

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. GeoTrust is an SSL certificate solution powered by DigiCert. SSL certificates include the True BusinessID, and the QuickSSL lines. For the complete list of SSL brands and products hosted by The SSL Store, click hereOpens a new window. In many cases, you can determine a site’s SSL status by the URL. If the URL begins with “HTTPS” instead of the standard “HTTP”, you are visiting a site that has an SSL certificate.

If you’re a smaller business looking for certification, SSL.com might be a good place to start. Free support is provided 24/7 by web and email, and installation tools are part https://topbitcoinnews.org/ of the package at no extra cost. And, even at this low price, the service is built on the same GeoTrust global infrastructure as the corporate customers benefit from.

  • BuyPass Go SSL certificates are Domain Validated Certificates that are absolutely free.
  • That said, it would be wise to get at least cheap SSL when you can, just for the support value.
  • The support agents usually get back to you instantly anyway, though.

You should consider which provider offers the best deals for you. Web browsers usually signify EV websites with some visual cue, like a green address bar or company name next to the URL. This is the best SSL certificate for reassuring users with little knowledge of online security that the website is for real. As anyone can get domain validation, though, you’re not really proving your identity. Many users are surprised to hear cheap SSL certificates provide the same level of security as $2,000 ones.

ssl certificates providers

Site security is one of the most crucial factors for any enterprise. That is because cyber crimes are on the rise and to make it worse, they are learning new ways of causing trouble. That is why you have to find the best cheapest SSL certificate providers from where you can purchase SSL certificates at a cheap price. Instant SSL is yet another formidable Certificate Authority that is trusted by over 700,000 businesses. It allows you to secure a Single Domain certificate, wildcard certificate, and multi-domain certificates.

We have gone through two iterations of SSL- SSL v2 and SSL v3, as SSLv1 was never released into production due to security concerns. In fact, security is why SSL has been deprecated due to its inherent vulnerabilities that are easily exploited today. She has been featured in Tom’s Guide, L.A. Times, Business.com, Reader’s Digest, and Investopedia. Her favorite tech product is a tie between her Roomba and gaming PC. We took note of warranties and their values in our reviews of the best SSL certificate services because it’s important to know how well you’re protected should something go wrong. Most SSLs come with a warranty that ensures your certificate will work as intended.