Why people find it so hard to Quit Smoking

Successfully giving up smoking requires a change in both minds. It’s a big shift that happens internally. Some people do this naturally, you have met them, one day they just gave it away. Something shifted on the inside and then they just never smoked again.13700228_1157471377650997_1432738709759526816_n

But most people don’t understand why it is that they are really smoking. We fall into this illusion that it is because we are addicted to nicotine, that what we need is more will power and they go about avoiding everything they associate with smoking so they are not tempted, which is the opposite of what really needs to happen. For most people when they give up smoking, they still leave smoking on their internal possible list, it’s because it is still on their possible list that they can have a conversation with themselves for 16.5 hours a day about “will I or won’t I have a smoke?”

When this internal shift happens it’s easy.