Unconscious Anxiety

Anxiety – Not a conscious problem

Anxiety often makes no sense. In fact people will say they are anxious about social situations, or bridges, or shopping centres, but that isn’t really what they are anxious about. They are anxious about feeling anxious. Logically they know there is nothing to fear about those situations, they are worried about “what if I ….. And I get anxious”. The fact that they logically know there is nothing to fear, points to anxiety being an unconscious problem and you need to engage the unconscious in order to resolve it.


Often people do the worst case scenario loops in their head. The “what if this happens”.


The problem is that when you picture the “what if” in your head, it is at the peak of the problem. Like “what if I get lost” and you picture yourself lost, having no idea where you are or where to go and feeling scared.

Try stretching the movie out in your head to its natural conclusion, to a place you are safe and well. Ask yourself “what would happen if I got lost?”

Well I don’t know about you, I’d probably ask someone, Google it, or call and get directions. I’d eventually get there and I would be ok! So stretch the movie out in your head. Picture do that, getting there or even later telling someone about you hilarious getting lost story and all of you in stitches laughing about it.


How does it feel now?


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