Private Mind Training

Additional to her clinic work on the Far North Coast, Helen takes on a few private mind training clients. This exclusive service for Industry Leaders, CEO’s, professional athlete’s, entertainers and those who work in the public spotlight. Helen works with these clients to assist them to rewrite their own internal programs so that they naturally respond to the stressors in their life with ease and grace. Through this work they gain understanding about how their mind works and why they reacted, behaved or felt a particular way in the past. Through understanding ourselves not only can we rewrite our own programing so we can be happy but we can also understand how others do what they do. This allows those in leadership to be more influential and those who are in the public spotlight to feel very differently about what goes on around them.

This is an individually developed program and usually takes place in two stages. Helen understands these clients usually have very demanding and complex schedule’s. The first stage is some intensive work that happens over a few days. Some clients choose for Helen to come to them, or meet in a private location and some clients choose to team this with a work trip or holiday to the Gold Coast, Byron Bay or Ballina where Helen calls home.

Byron Bay

The second stage is the follow up stage. The frequency and duration is individually developed and can happen in person, by phone or skype.

For more information email and Helen will arrange a call to discuss your goals.