Welcome to the New You

You know what you want to be different in your life. I can help your mind work for you to make that change seem normal and natural using modern psychology, hypnosis, NLP and coaching techniques.

These modern techniques will work for you and they work fast.

Before studying these modern techniques and working successfully with over a 2000 clients including CEO’s, Professional Athletes, Industry Leaders and Entertainers. I spent 20 years working with people in the traditional counselling and case work models and what I can do now working with the subconscious in a few hours with people, blows that out of the water.

I love when it is not until I start asking people what’s been different this week since our last session, they only just realise that they have been feeling and acting differently. It’s so natural for them, they don’t even notice they are doing it.

Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are highly effective tools for change. Whether that be to change an unwanted behaviour or feeling, or to feel or behave in a more resourceful way. Anything the mind is involved in Hypnotherapy would be able to help with. Our unconscious mind drives our behaviour, decisions and learning and we go directly to the source for change, which means it can happen very quickly.

Research by Clinical Psychologist Dr Alfred Barrios (PhD) comparing a number of widely used treatments showed hypnosis to be the clear winner when it came to achieving the good results. It showed:

·     Psycho-analaysis delivered 38 per cent recovery after 600 sessions

·     Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) delivered 72 per cent recovery after 22 sessions

·     Hypnotherapy delivered a whopping 93 per cent recovery after just 6 sessions


Hypnotherapy can help a vast range of things from stopping smoking, weight loss, insomnia, stress, grief, confidence, phobias, anxiety, IBS, depression, bedwetting…. the list goes on.

Everyone is an individual and we figure out how you do what you do, so that we know how to change it effectively.

Hypnosis uses a state that is actually a natural and normal part of life and you have probably been in and out of several trances today without even knowing it. I can’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do. And why would I, I wouldn’t get many clients come back if they left the office clucking like a chicken! I’m here to help you achieve your goals.

Connect Online – I am offering online appointments for those who have travel restrictions or would just prefer to do it that way.  Normally these would be on a Thursday between 9am-2pm, but it is negotiable. Whats great is you don’t have to do or download anything, just click the link in the email sent to you.

Goonellabah Medical Centre – 616 Ballina Road, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 6625 0000. If you are concerned about sitting in a medical centre’s waiting room, you can avoid it all together. Text “I’m here” to 0431 941 733 and I will text you when you are right to come up the back stairs to my office. Please don’t be concerned if I don’t respond right away or if I’m running a little late. I have other payment options so you can avoid reception all together.

Ballina Riverside Health Studio, Upstairs 2 Moon Street on Wednesdays, Text Helen on 0431 941 733 for an appointment.

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